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Post by ~SnowAngel~ on Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:09 am

A star * marks an update. Updates are ordered with the newest at the top.
See the bottom for old updates from the Pangya thread.

* Oct. 20, 2012. Soo I'm basically just involved with school and Anime-sharing.com I've lost most of my interest for pangya, but I don't want to close this guild since I know it's based on a good idea~ I might even make this forum something else entirely, who knows. I kinda need to rethink or maybe redo everything with something different in mind, other than pangya~

*Aug 18, 2012. This is simply a notice that the times I'll play pangya
and how long will change soon. I'm still on everyday regularly, and will
continue to be. The members are overall moderately active also~

* Aug 9, 2012. My new semester is coming close, so expect my schedule to effect how often I'm able to do things. I'll work through some things tomorrow.

* Aug 7, 2012 (1am). I'm updating the details about the guild, and requirements to apply. Once I've slept and sorted through my thoughts, I'll present it to a few members for their input. Furthermore, I will make another thread about guild joins, and see what others may think about it. The problem for me personally is, I would not know how to handle a turn down, or a negative reaction. We might not see any official joint guilds until we have a good amount of members. Either way, it's something to consider why or why not two guilds should be a part of each other.

* Aug 6, 2012 (8pm). I've added the picture of a new guild logo idea, and deleted the others. See this page.

* Aug 6, 2012. I've added some time zones of some players in the "Pangya events" category. I've also changed the background to make it a little brighter. I'm now going to move some of the updates from the pangya thread as a reply to this post.

* Aug 5, 2012. I've updated the forum theme to Air/Clannad using blue and white as the main colors. I've updated the pangya thread to invite more players. I'm not going to optimize what's in the forum to prepare for future merges. Once that is done, I may start talking to other guilds about being involved with each other. The goal is to give the all of our&their members a fun experience by having more people to play with. I'll also update and simplify moderation-related things for the future.

* Aug 3, 2012 (4pm) After a few adjustments, I think I've made the colors just right. The biggest challenge was to make a good balance between light, dark, and the RGB (red-green-blue). I feel like the brightness from one part of the page to the next would hurt someone's eyes. Let me know if you think so too~

* Aug 3, 2012. I've been messing around with the colors, and I have to say, it's alot more complicated that I expected. I've looked at some other themes to see why this one isn't working. The biggest obstacle is the dominant colors. The baby blue color right now is one biggest pain. Anywhere you see that color, it'll all change if I try to change something. I can't make some things disappear, because then there would be some corners or unreadable text. Needless to say, it's extremely difficult to make something work. I wish I could make the background image visible by taking away most of these tables. Right now, I think there is too much blue. If I don't have any pink, the main picture would stand out in a bad way. If we used something brighter for that picture, it would work out better. I've also made the text bigger from 11 to 12.

* Aug 2, 2012. In case you are wondering, this is our background. Also, the there was not a FAQ button included with the others. The small one was included with a very tiny bar.
I'm changing the color buttons and colors. The main picture should stay the same for now. I'm going to try different things until something works out. I'm doing the best I can for now, so it may not seem like the colors match X_X. To change the tan category bars, I need to use a picture. I also need a different background to extend the options. If I can change the overall brightness, It should solve lots of problems. I've moved lots of posts but haven't gone through them yet. Also, there are some things that cannot be changed separately. The more I play around with this, the better I'll get at changing these forums :f. Future themes for the website will be proposed and consider. We'll change everything from pictures to colors if possible. I'll post more about that later~ goodnight ^^

* Aug 1, 2012. Because of the every day event, I'm going to try to make it a habit to be online every day at 2pm (-5 EST). I may be on earlier or later, but that's going to be the middle time frame now. Once my classes start, it may change. Also, I am using the Anime-Sharing forums~ Feel free to add me: 神摂理潮. Rather than trying to force people to be here, I'd like to encourage members to drop by for a number of games and chatting~

* July 30, 2012. I am thoroughly convinced that this forum's "private message" function is completely useless. You may try to use is still, but I recommend emailing me normally. That should help me make replies easier, since I can't reply to this website's email. Anyway, this month is going to start getting busy for me. I'm preparing for classes now, so I might as well be on in the evenings. If you'd like me to be online around a certain time, tell me the options and your time zone.

* July 28, 2012. I just want to remind any new members. If I'm not on pangya, it does not mean I have given up on it. I suppose you could say that for lots of members, they might wait to play with other members than be playing every day. I will be checking for applications often, and I'll also be getting emails for most of the forum. (idk if I get one for a new thread). Anyways~ I might make it a habit to be online around 2pm -5 EST. When school starts, it'll be different.

*July 24, 2012 (9:30pm)
I'd like to hear some suggestions of other games
that members are interested in. If you'd like, you may be the leader for the
guild in that game. This will give more options for members to choose
from, and also expand events to keep members interested. I'll make a thread with some possible game (good ones) that we can play. I'd make categories for those games specifically if they officially become part of the guild. Most of the threads can be used by these new branch-guilds. If it gets too large, we'll decide together what to do.

*July 24, 2012 (4:45pm)
I'll now add the current date into the description every time. Right now, I'm gathering material to learn how to get hio and iron shots better. I've also started putting together some guides I found. Once I've gone through them, I'll put them into simple and maybe complex guides. I've also made a thread for people that may have trouble registering.

* July 23, 2012 (10pm)
So I've reached the limit for avatars.. (I think it's the 20mb gallery limit :/) Also, I'm developing a place called Cherry Charity. The groups in it certainly need work, but the donations part is fine for now ^^ I want to avoid just claiming to have a limitless place, but having such strictness for being able to join something :/ I think that the only way around this is character. If a person is already living some kind of lifestyle, there's no need to make people feel uncomfortable about something '_' I'm going to purge wtv may conflict with the idea of being friendly from time to time. Even some of my own descriptions seem to give off the wrong direction intended. Working through this forum is certainly testing my character as well :f

* July 23, 2012 (7pm)
I am putting together some guides for how to do some things (hwi, getting pang/points, etc.) I have also make the first index open so that people can see all of the categories. (1 less click for you Razz) I've also made a new event to promote friendliness. This won't be the only time I make something like this, it'll usually come in a disguise :3

* July 23, 2012 (12am)
We have 3 added members now~ I'm planning on combining some information and making some clear guides about how to
play pangya like a pro~ ^^ Using this, we could collect items to use as prizes for future events! (how would you like times worth 1m+ given away??) I'm also wondering if I should change the index here. (I can make it to where each category is open, but the main page gets longer. I'll post a pic of what it looks like)

*July 21, 2012
I updated the forum by combining some threads, changing a few titles and stuff to make things easier. I'm stiff wondering if I should change the layout of the thread. (I can make it expanded in a way, so it could take fewer clicks.) I'm also thinking about how I could combine the anime and chat sections. They're kinda similar, but not enough for me to notice how to change them yet. I know for sure that lots of topics will stay in a single thread, but idk really. >.< I'll poke around tomorrow~

*July 18, 2012
Right now I have collected some pics to use for various things. Some of them I'll add as an option for the guild logo. (which you get to pick what it is btw.)

I'll also make some of them usable as avatars, maybe use some as rank gifs. I'll be done with my class around this friday~~

On another note, soon I'll start making new icons for the forum, and some for a possible guild icon. I've also added some member avatars to pick from. They appear kinda strange though.. some of them cover the others a little. I've also learned about using fonts for rank names~ I'm looking into some thing about some members in other guilds I've joined. Basically, I'm going to learn about why they joined, how much they were enjoying it, and possibly why they left. If you have something similar to this that you can share, please do.

In the past 24 hours we've had 2 members accepted~ %confetti^ The biggest challenge right now is to start something interesting without making other uncomfortable~ On another note, I've added more avatars, but I'm wishing I could find guy ones X_X. I also have a little more time now that I've gotten Lucia's event out of the way~

* July 14,2012
Currently, I have changed some ranks and added some filters for words. You can check them out in the "chit chat" admin part :p

* I am now going to make this a one-line thread (if possible :f) I'd make several long posts of updates instead of several small ones. I'm also going to cut out a few that seem to get repetitive. Let me know if this seems better or not X_X

first of all, You can find more about what I'm up to if you register. (just sayin')
Right now, I'm having a crazy difficult time with my English 201 class. I have a research paper due this monday about Irish literature. It's extremely exhausting.. but thankfully, it's a wee-bit interesting. :p
I may post more here soon~ I'll either keep it as one post or make several. (I'm thinking about that with the actual blogs too)

Anyway, I have gotten my hands of some neat gifs to use for icons (avatars, rank icons, etc.)
Also, I'm still needing to figure out how some RPG app works. (It's a strange thing I found in the admin panel. You kinda play dice and get wtv is labeled. idk how it works yet but I'm still trying to see if it's fun

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Updates blog Empty Pangya guild thread old updates log.

Post by ~SnowAngel~ on Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:28 pm

*update August 5, 2012. I've fixed the forum, it should be easier to
look at for now. I might change a few things later on to give a better
impression. I'm also going to optimize the categories for the
possibility of guild merges in the future. Once things are settled, I'll
be working on other projects for the guild~ We currently have 6
members, all show up just fine. 3 are more active than the others. Feel
free to join us for a game around 2pm -5EST (or 5pm PDT) My ign is

*Update August 3, 2012. I'd like some recommendations of what colors
to use for the forum. It doesn't look great right now, but the more that
we tweak it, the better it'll become. You can also suggest a theme with
colors and pictures.

*Update August 2, 2012.

I'm looking for guilds that want to do joined stuff (chatting,
events, games, battles, etc.). If you're a mod/admin, you will be
granted the same privileges in the forum. A screenshot of your status
and pm to my IGN about your forum name is required.

I'd like any help I can get with changing the majority of what's on
the forum so far. I'm going to change the forum to make the colors
better, and it not be so dark. (it's different between mac and windows.
In windows, it appears more blue and dim.) I'm also going to
re-organize some stuff to make it less confusing. Also, I may move some
of these updates below onto the forum to keep this thread clean.

*Update July 28, 2012.

During the next several weeks/months, You may not catch me online as
often. However, I will be checking my email every day, and pangya at
least twice a week. If you go to our forum, you can send me a pm about
anything guild-related or wtv. Even registering, I'll get an email. This
is just to say that I'm not "inactive", I'm just waiting :p

*update July 24, 2012.

To expand the guild, I'd like to hear some suggestions of other games
that you're interested in. If you'd like, you may be the leader for the
guild in that game. This will give broader options for members to
choose from, and also expand events to keep members interested. I will
update this thread with a list of games that the guild has expanded in
or possible games we might play.

*update July 23, 2012.

I have posted another event on the forum. Please read and consider
whether or not you'd like to join, or offer any suggestions or

*Update July 20, 2012.

I've arranged the forum a bit, and plan to do some more work with it
tomorrow. There's also an open vote about the forum for guests if you're

One of the biggest things that must be done is brainstorming ideas
for events~ ^^ This will be anything from 1-1, 2-2 person events or 30+
events. ^^ Furthermore, these events can be hosted by anyone~ I hope
that we can plan huge events with other guilds that also want to take
part. The only sad part is.. that 30 person limit X_X Regardless, we'd
still host several events either in advance is immediately :p I do plan
on having prizes, but that is somewhat complicated :f (I'll say more
about this on the forum). I hope we'll make lots of Twinkles! Very Happy
(reference from an anime lol)

*Updated July 18, 2012

I'd like some feedback on the forum if anyone is interested in
helping~ I've also made a few changes and plan to make a few more.

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