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Post by 96Neko on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:02 pm

Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed.... I am pretty much in charge of the banner and background on this forum. But I though of making a competiton to allow people to have a banner they want.
You can do it on any theme. The banner is this You can also add a wallpaper if you like.
Just send them to me on PM or my email adress. Also if you need extra details contact me on skype user: Moriyo Asanuma
Also remember please dont make the pic extremly large like for ex this one , it is because I won't enjoy resizing it when I have alot of videos and renders to complete. Well there is no size I just need it in banner form. If it's in banner form its ok, If its not thats when I have to resize.

I hope you enjoy your day and I look forward to your work to make the forum better.

-Your Admin Who Does Not Come Online Alot.
Fire Rune
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